VALLO uses blockchain technology to tokenize assets into accessible fractions for global investors.  

Assets value becomes the VALLO cryptocurrency that can only be mined and created from tangible assets. 

We will offer third parties a solution for turning assets into a new global coin that can be traded and utilized in payment systems around the world.  


By making a turn-key ecosystem available to third parties that want to tokenize tangible assets into a cryptocurrency, the VALLO could offer an alternative to FIAT currencies.

The VALLO coin is supported by the performance of the assets within the platform. The VALLO decentralised, democratised portfolio of assets will be transparent, accessible and liquid for the benefit of the investors.

As of Q3 2018, VALLO has acquired one real estate asset and is in the process of acquiring another two. In total, the three assets are valued over €20 million to be tokenized as a pilot project leading up to the ICO.

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